In December 2023, SAVANT Media director, Mariel Brown, participated in an immersive documentary lab in the Dominican Republic, facilitated by the French organisation, EURODOC. Below, she recounts something of her experience.

The thing about being a documentary producer is that, outside of production, you spend a lot of time tinkering away at your project alone; it can be quite an isolating pursuit. That’s why it’s so important to find your community and to connect whenever you can!

In December I had the singular pleasure of attending EURODOC’s week-long producer’s lab in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, along with fellow doc producers from around the Caribbean. We were hosted by the marvellous DG Cine and our primary tutor was the brilliant Ina Fichman, producer of ‘Fire of Love’, ‘The Oslo Diaries’ and so many other incredible docs! Ina and my fellow participants created an environment of genuine care for and interest in each other and all our projects. It was a safe space in which we were encouraged to challenge and learn from each other.

I left the DR with a profound sense of belonging to a community of doc producers who care about telling the stories of the Caribbean as much as I do. I will always be grateful for this remarkable experience!

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