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SAVANT at 20: Sancoche

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to have been making films and television programmes in the Caribbean – as an independent producer – for the past 20 years. It’s no mean feat for an industry with as high a rate of attrition as our own. So I thought […]

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SAVANT at 20: Inward Hunger

By 2010 I was wanting to sink my teeth into a meaty, more complex story. In a conversation before his death, my father had described Eric Williams as a tragic figure. It was an unexpected portrayal, and I realised I’d never truly considered Williams the man, not beyond established mythologies […]

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SAVANT at 20: Solitary Alchemist

In 2006 I was hired to edit a coffee table book being produced on jeweller Barbara Jardine by Robert & Christopher Publishers. I had known of Barbie’s incredible work for as long as I could remember, but working on the book gave me a kind of access to her that […]

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SAVANT at 20: Insatiable Season

In 2005 I was exploring the idea of expanding the work the we were making at SAVANT. Initially, we did small commissioned jobs and Sancoche, but more and more, I found myself wanting to make documentaries – take a story and explore it in depth. Carnival has always been a […]


Rest in peace

We’re saddened to learn of the death of Retired Major General Ralph Brown. In 1990, Brown was the Chief of the Defence Staff and he sounded the alarm when, during a football match at the stadium, he noticed smoke billowing out of downtown in the early hours of the attempted […]

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Mariel Brown recounts her EURODOC experience

In December 2023, SAVANT Media director, Mariel Brown, participated in an immersive documentary lab in the Dominican Republic, facilitated by the French organisation, EURODOC. Below, she recounts something of her experience. The thing about being a documentary producer is that, outside of production, you spend a lot of time tinkering […]